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Frequently asked questions...


  Are alpacas dangerous?
    Absolutely not; they are extremely friendly and intelligent animals and will get on well with other animals such as sheep. Because they do not have any sharp claws or teeth, they are safe with children.
2   What do they eat?
    Alpacas graze like other animals, and because of their origins on the Andes Mountains, manage their food very effectively. During the winter they can be fed on hay or livestock feed. If possible they should be fed on special Alpaca feed.
3   Do alpacas have any special requirements?
    No, all they need is a good field of grass (at about 6 animals per acre), a clean suppy of water and a simple shelter. They are vaccinated, wormed and sheared annualy.
4   Are alpacas intelligent?
    Alpacas will quickly learn routine and can be taught to be lead on a halter. They are always inquisitive and alert.
5   How big do they grow?
    Alpacas are generally around 2 metres high and weigh around 65 kg.



More information


We recommend that you read the wikipedia page on alpacas for more in-depth information.

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